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Fund Social Good is a registered Non Profit Company that supports the work of diverse individuals and global teams that are currently working on solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges.

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Computer Learning

Our Leadership Team


Refilwe Mofokeng



A Sesotho speaking BComm Economics Honours UCT graduate, born in Soweto.

Her personal motto is “service above self”.


“I believe that human beings exist to be of service, to utilize our inherent endowments, be it talents or inclinations to leave this world better than we found it, as the cliché goes. This belief has been the motivating force behind everything I have done, and everything that I do.

Growing up in Soweto, I saw that many in my community, especially my family, lacked the financial knowledge and skills to make decisions that will help improve their living circumstances which sparked my interest in economics, finance, and the financial industry because I saw an area in which I could give back to my community.”

Through volunteering, I have had the privilege of engaging with people from different backgrounds and assisting them in developing sustainable solutions to improve their circumstances.  

Health is wealth – I do what I can to promote mental health and wellness in myself and those around me.  

I believe that life is too short to be doing anything that doesn’t feed your soul or isn’t connected to what you believe is your purpose or destiny, which is why I am intentional about where I allocate my time and energy. 


Desigan Pillay



Technologist, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the non profit Fund Social Good.


Desigan describes himself as “I'm just an ordinary guy trying to make a positive impact on the world.”


Desigan is a facilitator and innovation coach for diverse global teams

like the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Future Food Institute, Complexity University and the TLEX Institute - teams that are currently working on solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges.


He has extensive experience in the tech start-up, fintech, social innovation and community development space spanning over 15 years with his core focus areas being innovation, agility and quality.


He has extensive experience holding dialogues (Seeding), assessing (Seeing), developing programs (Envisioning), developing partnerships in the community (Engaging) and implementing these programs (Doing).


Desigan has also made significant humanitarian contributions: including having introduced programs to address trauma and healing into the some of the most impoverished schools in communities in South Africa, He also runs the Communities4Peace initiative which aims to address the root causes of violence in Africa, an initiative by the International Association for Human Values.

And has personally taught personal resilience, trauma relief and empowerment to thousands of people ranging from ex-offenders, gang members from South Africa's most notorious gangs in the Cape Flats, the homeless, CEO’s of large corporates,  business owners and the general public.



Annewikke Bouma


Netherlands born and raised Annewikke Bouma,  has an extensive background in the demanding advertising and marketing industry.


After a burnout in 2007 she searched for new meaning a more holistic approach to life, which led to her to the fair trade and sustainable fashion industry.

Having experienced herself what it is to heal, empower and stay true to herself she now shares this experience and lessons in various roles; as a meditation teacher for more than 10 years, as an Ayurvedic nutritionist, a Marma therapist (Ayurvedic energetic healing) and as a certified yoga teacher.

With her strong believe that we all can contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry where everyone can benefit she started her company SAUCHA | Curated.


As a change agent she connects personally curated fair trade and sustainable brands to retailers and consumers, creating access to market. Raising awareness through inspiration with education as the goal.

Building brands that make a positive impact on the environment and local communities is her passion.

Why Fund Social Good 


As an independent entity, establishing and strengthening partnerships with both government departments and civil society organizations that provide complementary services is our speciality thereby strengthening linkages and bi-directional services that optimize the impact of interventions.


Highly credible, committed, passionate, industry experts drive our organisation and projects.


We put the community and planet at the center of sustainable development, practically implementing the UN SDG's directly on the ground in communities.


We link funders to proven, impactful investments in social good initiatives.  


We are not a hand out organisation, we invest based on an impact ROI linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal's 


We show businesses how their contributions make a difference to their business and society using a number of impact reporting frameworks. 


Decades of combined experience in community development.


Funder involvement can easily be customised based on your requirements.


We verify the credibility and ensure accountability in the projects we invest in.