Bio-degradable Future, a tangible, viable game changing solution to the plastic waste problem. 

A new ground breaking additive that drastically accelerates the bio-degradation process of plastic in microbe-rich environments, such as soil, oceans and landfills in as little as 136 days on land and 250 days in the ocean with no microplastic residual.


It can be used in almost any existing manufacturing process, DOES NOT break down into non-biodegradable micro plastic and DOES NOT affect the recyclability of the final product.  This is in stark contrast to common bio-plastic solutions in the market. 

We understand there are many additives claiming to be biodegradable but don’t live up to the hype…. Here’s what makes Biodegradable Future different, a couple key points:

 - Biodegradable Future, is 100% organic.

 - Is not an OXY-OXO additive.

 - Treated products can still be recycle in conventional recycling systems.

 - Is not plant based.

 - Does not affect shelf life of the product.

 - Is FDA approved for food safe products.

 - Only leaves a natural compostable bi-product.

 - The test results: