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UNGALAMBI is an inspiring initiative by our youth to sustainably provide access to fresh food to communities in need. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide access to fresh food for consumption on a day-to-day basis so that people "Never go Hungry”. We will do this by empowering households to independently grow their own food sustainably.

Our Plan

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Social Return On Investment

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From an environmental perspective we strive to turn the dry and dusty ground into green spaces that creates a new ecosystem. Food gardens will have a direct impact on reducing our carbon footprint.

Economically the project will develop leadership skills in youth and provide them a source of income. At the same time home dwellers could earn an income by selling the surplus of the produce.

Socially, we will aim to improve the nutritional levels in the community thereby people enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle

Execution Process & Milestone 

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